Teaching & Outreach

Research Interns (current and alumni)

  • Vinay Bettadapura, PhD Candidate at Georgia Tech
  • Chris Baldassano, PhD Candidate at Stanford University
  • Hilton Bristow, PhD Candidate at CSIRO, Australia
  • Yu-Wei (Johnny) Chao (Collaborator), PhD Candidate University of Michigan
  • Wongun Choi, PhD University of Michigan, currently at NEC Labs
  • Koen Buys, PhD Candidate at the KU Leuven
  • Adrian Canoso, MFA Academy of Art University, currently at Suitable Technologies
  • Jeff Gee, MFA Academy of Art University, currently at Suitable Tech Technologies
  • Cedric Cagniart, PhD TU Munich, currently at Google
  • Javier Romero, PhD KTH
  • Nikhil Karnad, PhD University of Minnesota, currently at Lytro Inc.
  • Ethan Dreyfuss, MSc Stanford University
  • Ian Goodfellow, MSc Stanford University, currently a PhD candidate at the Université de Montréal


  • CS324: Perception for Manipulation
    Stanford University – Visiting Lecturer
  • CS280: Computer Vision
    UC Berkeley – Presented a guest lecture
  • CS294-43: Visual Object and Activity Recognition
    UC Berkeley – Presented a guest lecture
  • 16-720: Introduction to Computer Vision
    Carnegie Mellon University – Teaching Assistant
  • CSC 148: Introduction to Computer Science
    The University of Toronto – Teaching Assistant
  • CSC 108: Introduction to Computer Programming
    The University of Toronto - Teaching Assistant

Education Outreach

  • The PR2 Exhibit at The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA, 2012
    Working with children to program the PR2 robot through a graphical interface as part of an exhibit at The Tech Museum.
  • The Robot Block Party at Stanford University, a part of National Robotics Week, 2010-2012
    Presented Willow Garage’s robots and software to the public as part of a yearly multi-company and robot event.
  • Hack the Future, 2012
    Taught older kids to program the PR2 robot in Python.
  • Presented at Los Altos High School during STEM week 2011
    Spoke to 300+ high school students about robotics and research.